Gmail Go app is now available on ANDROID play store – Lite version For Regular Users

Google added one more new app to its existing list of Android Go apps and it’s also available on play store. Since the Go apps were invented in intention to reduce the data usage, thereby now Gmail Go has been introduced. As we noted, a few of the folks at 9to5Google noticed that the Google Gmail Go is now available for all the android users on the play store. As per the Google play store’s description of the Gmail Go app, the Gmail you have been using for a long time is now updated in the name of the Gmail Go app with lighter and faster installations.

The Gmail Go app enables users to enjoy a smart inbox thereby protecting your emails to be safe and organized. It is developed in a manner to receive notifications when emails arrive, accordingly read and reply both in online and offline mode.

Gmail Go app

Gmail Go app Features

  • Enables the user to find a certain message they wanted quickly, as it is created with an effective search icon.
  • A smarter inbox in the Gmail Go focuses on messages from friends and families early, whereas social and promotional emails are organized neatly.
  • Gmail Go is designed to block spams before they hit your inbox. So your account will be safe and clutter-free.
  • Gmail Go has free storage of 15 GB.
  • This Go version of Gmail supports multiple accounts holder options as you can set up both Gmail as well as none- Gmail App such as, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP or POP email.
  • Even when you forget your password or memory, you can always count on Google Go, as they are built to help you out.

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Overview of Gmail Go’s key features and specifications

Gmail Go has the support for multiple accounts, notification, attachments, formatting options, or smart replies and one of the major features is gestures.

Comparison between the Gmail app and Gmail Go app

  • Gmail Go is developed in size of 9 to 10 MB, meanwhile, the standard Gmail app’s size is around 20 to 25 MB.
  • As far as we all know, Gmail Go is available on the Play store. Before that Gmail Go came as a preinstalled app on devices having Android Go, but now any Android user can get it from the play store.
  • User interface: In the notification bar, compared to the Gmail app, you will discover a tiny difference in the Gmail Go app outline. As in the standard Gmail, you will find a cover picture and profile picture of your account at the top of the app. But here in Gmail Go, you will find only the email address and an option to switch between your multiple accounts.
  • Email sync: Another plus point of using Gmail go is you will have the shot to increase or decrease the sync setting manually.

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