Motorola launched New home appliances in India – smart ACs, Refrigerators and Washing machines

Motorola is a brand celebrated for its high quality products. Motorola has a history to uphold. The Motorola we know today was initially named as Motorola Solutions. This company stemmed from the original brand name Motorola Inc (Former name Galvin Manufacturing Corporation which was public then). The other branch of this company was Motorola Mobility, which was later sold to Google in 2012, and then was taken over by Lenovo in 2014. This made Motorola Solutions the only functional successor of Motorola Inc. The Founders of Motorola are Paul and Joseph Galvin. Motorola does selling and marketing of products like signal amplifiers, wireless equipments, video recorders, HD televisions and so forth.

Motorola Newly Launched Products

module Motorola has taken a step further in India today, by launching its smart home equipments. Motorola has fed indian markets with it’s new smart ACs, Refrigerators, Washing machines and TVs today. All the devices have a fusion of new and improved features. There’s TruWi-Fi and so much more to look forward to. They have even decided to present their products to customers on the event of Flipkart Big Billion Days. Sales are known for recruitment of new customers and this decision is going to make the business grow for sure.


Motorola Air Conditioners

grow Motorola has launched 5 models in total including a 5-speed fan (with a 4-way swing), a twin rotary compressor, and some excellent features like TruWi-Fi (which will help the users to control the AC via an app on the smartphone), Surroundcoolx, Dual-Inverter, and Geo-Fencing (which can tell if the person operating the AC is inside the room or outside).

Modes of these models



 Operation near 16-31-degree Celsius and,

 Self cleaning.


1 ton 3-star   25,999 Rupees,

1.5 ton 3-star   30,999 Rupees,

1.5 ton 3-star smart   32,999 Rupees,

1.5 ton 5-star smart    37,999 Rupees,

2 ton 3-star smart    39,999 Rupees.

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Motorola Smart Refrigerators

 These come with water dispensers and LED touch panels. There are three different modes 533, 507, and 592L capacities.

Some key features are: Supercool, Drinks, Holiday, and Superfreeze.

They also come with a TruWi-Fi and can be controlled by smartphones. It is used to switch between temperatures and modes.


592L Side by Side   51,990 Rupees,

533L French Door Refrigerator   69,990 Rupees,

507L Cross Four Door   63,990.

Motorola Smart Washing Machines

TruWi-Fi has been included in Washing Machines as well. One can control wash modes, and signal strength through it. They can even get notifications. The company has claimed that its washing can wash clothes and make them 99.9% bacteria free, since washing happens at 80°C.

It also has features like foam level sensors, oxyfresh, and 25 stain wash.

Price of models (front load washing machine)

6.5 Kg   23,499 Rupees,

8 Kg    28,999 Rupees,

10.5 Kg    33,999 Rupees,

8 Kg/5 Kg Washer Dryer    35,999 Rupees,

10.5 Kg/6 Kg Washer Dryer   39,999 Rupees.

The products will go on sale from October 16, via Flipkart Big Billion Days.

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