Microsoft Surface Pro X, 16 GB + 256 GB launched in India, Adreno 690 GPU

Microsoft has unveiled an updated Surface Pro X. This is equipped with an SQ2 chipset. However, this was announced earlier this month. Just after the two weeks of the announcement, it is now launched in India. This might be a great deal for the Indians. The consumers can purchase this laptop from the authorized sellers across the country. This is the thinnest and most connected 2 in 1 device with ultra-fast Gigabit LTE connectivity. This device is billed as a partnership between Microsoft and Qualcomm.

Microsoft Surface Pro X price

The Surface Pro X with the SQ2 chipset starts at Rs 1,49,999 for the base 16 GB + 256 GB. Whereas for 16 GB + 512 GB it costs for Rs 1,78,999. However, there might be some people who were expecting a price drop in the laptop they have such a disappointment. Don’t forget that the cost of the keyboard and stylus will be added by you. This cost could take it up near $2,000.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft Surface Pro X Design

Although, there are no major changes that could be seen in the design from the original Surface Pro X. This gives a reasonable decision from Microsoft. This new version gives tremendous color options such as Matte Black and the Surface Pro X Keyboard now comes in Ice Blue, Poppy Red, and Platinum rather than only Black. Physical hardware is the same as earlier. This is with a thin anodized aluminum chassis. Also, the familiar Kickstand built into the rear of the tablet. There are just two USB Type-C ports available. A surface connects to input. Also a nano-SIM slot. The camera gives one of the best choices that a person could go for this device. It has a 10-megapixel rear-facing camera. This is a 13-inch device and very thin.

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Microsoft Surface Pro X Display

  1. It has a 13-inch display.
  2. It has the same touchscreen as last year.
  3. It has 2,880 × 1920 resolution
  4. The aspect ratio is 3:2
  5. The brightness and vividness of the display were definite highlights.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Performance and Connectivity

  1. LTE is the biggest eye-catching thing. This gives a big benefit to some.
  2. The lack of 5G is interesting this late in 2020 with many tablets and smartphones having adopted the future proof wireless specification.
  3. This lacks support for Wi-Fi 6
  4. The upgraded version with the SQ2 custom ARN processor option gives the high performance to the gadget.
  5. It has Adreno 690 GPU.
  6. It gives 9 hours and 45 minutes of battery life.

This is a beautifully flawed piece of hardware

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