Samsung Galaxy S21 series all set to start production, may arrive in Jan 2021 with Galaxy Buds 2

Smasung will launch the next flagship S series. The company will enter into the production of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series next month. However, the dates might change later. This could be a strategy to maintain a reasonable time frame between launches. Earlier the company has launched the Galaxy Z flip this year as well as the S20 series. Later in August it has moved towards the Note 20 series before launching a quick Fan Edition of S20 in October. Not only this the Galaxy Buds 2 will also arrive by January 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Under the Leadership of TM Roh

TM Toh has made lot many changes in the company’s production. The decision is also a continuation of changes in Samsung Mobile following the nomination of Roh Tae moon. Galaxy S20 FE got an unpacked event of its own. It is for the mid-tier smartphone.

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Galaxy S21 details

  1. The model Samsung Galaxy S21 details I’ll have three models.
  2. Each of the models is in production and called O1, P3, and T2.
  3. The gadget will be available in different colors.
  4. Such as gray, pink, violet, white, and silver colors.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 details

  1. The company has also planned to launch Galaxy Buds 2 along with the Galaxy S21.
  2. These are the wireless earbuds.
  3. They will have upgraded water resistance. I
  4. f we look back then the first Galaxy Buds were launched with Galaxy S10 in 2019. And now the new buds are about to launch with the S21.
  5. Also a new Galaxy Buds Live was launched with the Galaxy Note 20.
  6. The Galaxy Buds 2 Code name is Attic.
  7. It will be available in different colors such as black, silver, and violet.

Other information

However, in Samsung Plus or Live, the company used such a name because they could not improve the water-resistance. Not only this the launch of the S21 was also in part to take advantage of Huawei’s absence. This new S21 will surely bring excitement among the users of Samsung. And they will try to grab this amazing opportunity for the Galaxy S21 as well as Buds 2. Though the S21 will have something new and interesting in that. The specifications and details will be amazing.

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