Xiaomi MIJIA Desktop Air Purifier launched for 349 yuan (~$52)

Xiaomi is back with yet another unique product with a common name. The company recently announced the launch of the MIJIA Smart Switch, and now, they have decided to launch the MIJIA Desktop Air Purifier under crowdfunding as well. The device will be available on the Xiaomi Mall app. Under crowdfunding, the air purifier will cost 349 yuan ($52). After the exercise, the price shall bump up to 399 yuan ($59). Xiaomi has not mentioned an accurate date from which the air purifiers will start shipping.

MIJIA Desktop Air PurifierAbout MIJIA Desktop Air Purifier

As the name states, the device is meant for desktop use. Unlike the larger models, the MIJIA Desktop Air Purifier aims to purify a restricted space around you. The device is designed to achieve one-on-one precise purification. It covers the facial breathing area using a front wide-angle air outlet. Further, the device can be adjusted with up-and-down rotation according to the user’s height when they are seated. It ensures that clear air is directed at the person’s face to purify the personal breathing circle accurately.

The MIJIA Desktop Air Purifier is capable of presenting a comfortable air volume of 4 blocks. It blows the wind directly into the nose and mouth. Since it is soft, users don’t feel any discomfort generally. The company has made sure to optimize its air duct to reduce noise. Thus, it can be used on the desktop without worrying about getting disturbed. Additionally, the portable purifier uses a magnetic induction cover, which can be removed to replace the filter. The device recognizes when the cover is not present and immediately stops running.

MIJIA Desktop Air Purifier – Filtration Ability

MIJIA’s filtration system uses a high-precision filter, which can filter 99.6% of particles. It can deal with PM2.5, pollen allergens, dust, second-hand smoke, and other pollution in the private air space. Its antibacterial and antiviral coatings can inactivate some common bacteria and viruses up to 99.99%. This feature reduces the risk of infection during the flu season. Further, it absorbs formaldehyde molecules through high-quality activated carbon, providing cleaner air.

MIJIA Desktop Air Purifier – Connectivity

The air purifier supports Wi-Fi and can be connected to the MIJIA app. The app allows users to check the life of the filter element and also remotely control and switch on/off the purifier. Furthermore, it can be connected to other MIJIA smart devices as well as voice control via a XiaoAI-enabled device.

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