Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla Desktop Comes To Play On Raspberry Pi with Linux 5.8

Ubuntu is a go-to distribution for Linux desktop users. Although, there are many distributions for users to go to like the Linux Mint. Mint itself is set up on the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu has gained a lot of followers and admirers after the recent launch of many Personal Computers and laptops like Dell’s XPS 13 Developer Edition. The laptop is set up on the Ubuntu Operating System. Raspberry Pi has not come across similar situations though. Ubuntu Server distribution approached the single-board computer manufacturers, Raspberry, for the first time in April 2020 and now the company is releasing the Ubuntu 20.10 update, trade named Groovy Gorilla, an Ubuntu desktop for the Raspberry motherboard.

Ubuntu 20.10 software update overview

The Ubuntu desktop will go with Raspberry boards supporting Raspberry 2, Raspberry 3, and Raspberry Pi 4 version. Though the Groovy Gorilla will work only with 64-bit processors. Ubuntu’s designer Canonical says that the device will run with 4 or 8 GB of RAM but not perform smoothly with RAM below 4 GB. Moreover, the Raspberry Pi motherboard is in-built with BCM2711 system-on-chip and a quad-core CPU with Cortex-A72 attributes. So, the 20.10 update will not affect the motherboard to a great extent.
You can download the update for free at the Ubuntu official website. The update is packed with desktop images, server, cloud, and IOT upgrades.

Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy GorillaUbuntu 20.10 update specs for Raspberry PI

Following are the elements updated in Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla update

  • Download speed increased for files in sizes of 1.6 GB. The 1.6 GB file increases to 8GB when unzipped.
  • Desktop images can now be booted
  • Set up process quickened
  • The latest version of LibreOffice, Thunderbird, and Mozilla Firefox preinstalled with the update
  • Ubuntu Software Panel can be downloaded from the Ubuntu official website to install other software.
  • GNOME version 3.38 is upgraded with the Ubuntu 20.10 update. The software has improved in the avenues like Activities Overview, User Experience, performance, etc.
  • Subsystems like BlueZ and Network Manager has been updated to their latest versions with this update.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a free and open-source Linux distribution software set up on Debian. The software is released in Desktop, Server, and Core editions for IoT and robots. It is a well-known operating system among users of cloud computing. The software uses GNOME technology to work as the default desktop.

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