Gears 5 will add New Game+ and an identity swap for Marcus- Developers

The developers of Gears 5 have decided to launch a next-gen upgrade along with a massive update. The new additions will be eligible across all systems, even the Xbox One. The update will include new and exciting features like a New Game+ mode and an option to switch Marcus Fenix with actor Dave Bautista for the entire campaign. While the latter has induced a flare of excitement amongst some fans, some others have perceived it as a vague concept.

Gears 5
Gears 5

Updates in the game

IGN reported that the update is going live on 10th November 2020. It will not only unlock the next-gen version of the game for the current owners and Game Pass subscribers but will also add the following new features.

  • New difficulty levels (Ironman and Inconceivable)
  • New character skins and weapon skins (players can use any skin unlocked in multiplayer)
  • Mutators (such as big head mode)
  • New achievements

Players need not worry about losing their previous achievements as all the Jack upgrades will carry across in the next update. Ironman will be a classic permadeath mode, in which players only get one life. On the other hand, Inconceivable is just a bit harder than the current version.

The most unexpected change

Fans were curious to know about the update making changes to Marcus. As per reports, players will now have the option to swap Marcus Fenix for Batista, Dave Bautista’s character in WWE. The update is a sure-shot one as the celebrity has recorded new voice-lines and much more. While addressing this addition, the game’s principal lead producer, Zoe Curnoe, revealed that it was added on public demand after a fan campaign on Twitter went viral. Thus, it is clearly something that the audience wanted.

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Other Changes

Along with the above-mentioned updates, the developers are also keen to include some other minor changes. On the same date, minute tweaks to the multiplayer and visual upgrades will hit the gaming platform. All details regarding the same are mentioned in IGN’s preview. Furthermore, Xbox S and X series are launching on 10th November. Along with the new consoles, a brand-new Gears game, Gear Tactics, will also be introduced. Previously, it was only available for PC.

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