Allison Mack backstab India Oxenberg daughter of soap star Catherine Oxenberg, with the intention of sex slavery?

NXIVM is a kinda organization that has been illustrated as a cult and is alleged to recruit people for a secret society (DOS or The Vow) in which women were branded and forced into sexual slavery. India Oxenberg, the daughter of soap star Catherine Oxenberg, has finally decided to leak about her life in NXIVM, in a new episode of Starz “Seduced: Inside the Nxivm Cult”, after being silent about her ordeal at the Raniere’s trial. The 29 years old Oxenberg, opened about how the Smallville actress, Allison Mack persuaded her into serving her as a slave in Nxivm’s sex cult.

Allison Mack
Allison Mack

What is in the new episode of Seduced: Inside the Nxivm Cult?

In the new episode of Sudiced: Inside the Nxivm Cult, Oxenberg opened about her experience, by saying “ I was invested all this time and energy into something that I couldn’t make it work, I felt completely desperate.” Keith Raniere, the founder of Nxivm, appointed Mack as her right hand, thereby luring Oxenberg into her slave. Oxenberg opened up Mack’s tissue of lies, about getting her into DOS- the secret Sorority, implying “ Mack approached me like I have something that could be really great for you, I think it could really help, Mack really made it sound like she had the answer like she had what I needed.” Moreover, she had reported how Mack told her the group had a “master-slave dynamic” and the slave, Oxenberg, would have to ask permission to do anything from the master. Oxenberg, without any knowledge about Mack’s wrongdoings, started fulfilling the tasks given by her. “She was specifically interested in the things that I felt uncomfortable with, like sexual or intimate activities.” She also talked about the brutal orders of Raniere, like putting her on a restrictive diet in a manner to bring her weight down to around 107 pounds. According to Mack’s stories to Oxenberg, it implied the means to practice self-restraint and discipline but in reality, Raniere was the sex cult’s puppet master and the conclusion was to recruit and groom sex slaves for his pleasure and satisfaction. She also revealed how she got betrayed by Mack “I was sitting on Mack’s bed with her and she told me, I have a new assignment for you. It is about leaning into fear and discomfort. She made it sound different from anything u gas done before. And at the end of the day, she told me that my assignment is to reduce Raniere.

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What made Oxenberg join the group?

Meanwhile, it was noted that during Oxenberg’s statement, she referred to Mack as her Master. Apparently, on behalf of her entry into the group, Mack asked Oxenberg to surrender the collateral or damaging information about herself, by ensuring that the group’s secret will not be heard by a third ear. Even though Oxenberg’s grandmother, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, turned over a letter with her family’s dirt, Mack in turn invited India into DOS, narrating the group is a women’s empowerment that the guru Raniere has nothing to do with. Furthermore, due to Mack’s compelling, Oxenberg kept a distance from her family as well as her boyfriend.

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