Meryl Streep’s nephew is spotted to be in a road rage fight on 24th August

The best actress of her generation, Meryl Streep’s nephew is spotted to be in a road rage fight on 24th August. The surveillance cameras spotted a brutal road rage fight that took place in the Hamptons between Meryl Streep’s nephew, Charles Harrison Streep, and an eighteen-year-old Hispanic boy named David Peralta. According to the footage, it clarifies the accident, where Streep and Perata stopped their cars at East Hampton’s Chase bank parking yard and started fighting. Streep who got out of his Audi Convertible car shoved Peralta in an inhumane way. Meanwhile, one of the men was thrown into the air and crashed to the ground.

Meryl Streep’s nephew
Meryl Streep’s nephew

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Initially, Peralta refused the medical needs at first but eventually in the evening, he was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery due to his worsened condition all of a sudden. It was reported that Peralta due to the assault, suffered a brain bleed, and underwent emergency surgery. Peralta filed a lawsuit against Streep claiming that he had uttered racial slurs at him while grabbing him by the neck and also body-slammed his head into the ground, thereby resulting in severe head injury. Furthermore, Peralta’s lawyer Edmond Chakmakian told The Post, “After he was unconscious he lifted his limp body and banged it onto the ground. It was an absolute obscene display of anger and violence.” Regarding Peralta’s health, his lawyer Chalmakian updated “He is starting years of physical therapy, cognitive therapy. He has a lot of medical bills hanging over his head that are more than eighty thousand dollars.” In charge of the complaints, Meryl’s nephew Charles Harrison Streep was arrested by Suffolk County police and was filed against felony charges of strangulation and assault. Lately, he had been released on a $5,000 bail and also skipped the court appearance for a stroll.

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