Huawei soon to launch HiCar Center Screen powered by HongMeng OS 2.0 on October 30

Huawei officially tells that the Chinese company is to launch the contemporary smart display on October 30 China. The teaser image released by Huawei tells of a smart display and a car, telling that tech is an in-car smart display. Earlier it was mentioned that Chinese manufacturers craft out a new smart display for cars, to be powered by the company’s HongMeng Operating System 2.0.

Rumors are it is a tablet size product with the availability of connection with Huawei smartphones for many added traits inclusive of music play, video streaming, phone calls, and others. Huawei is unstoppable with the launch of many products in 2020, specifically with the smart screens genre. The Huawei executive uncurtains about the Chinese brand’s goal of display creation four regions being: home, office, car, and sports.

It is certain that this new in-car tech ‘smart display’ is followed and following certain automobile products. Earlier in September, the company went ahead to register Huawei Electric Technology in the capital of 250 million yuan. The torch falls on extensive technical study, development, testing, and trade of technology related to intelligence.

HiCar Center Screen

Huawei’s Plan 2020

This year Huawei flagged HDC (Huawei Developer Conference) for the Car Smart Mobility sub-platform. The focus falling on cloud innovative service answers for cars that are of the generation. The findings are Huawei collaborating with Volvo and Hongqi.

The pipeline product the HiCar Center Screen has procured a Bluetooth certificate in September. The technical device is to have the support from HiCar which is Huawei’s own understanding of Android Auto. To have HongMeng Operating System at the root level.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd is a multinational Company in China. It runs in the top 3 mobile companies around the globe. The company has headquarters in Shenzhen, Guandong. Huawei has blood and sweat of Ren Zhen put together in 1987. The brands under the company’s name are Huawei along with Honor.

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