Kate Winslet shows off her wings underwater in new Avatar 2 stills

Kate Winslet, the face behind Rose of the film Titanic, flaunts her underwater wings in the latest behind the scenes picture of the Avatar 2 set. In an interview with the Royal Reporter, Kate disclosed that she learned to free dive to portray Ronal in the film Avatar. Ronal is a member of the recently discovered Na’ vi alien families living on the planet of Pandora. After the interview published, producer Jon Landau posted Kate’s underwater shot on Instagram.
The Avatar 2 behind scene photo of Kate is believed to be taken at the Wellington Studios, where Avatar 2 is being shot. Avatar 2 will hit the theatres in December 2022.

What did Jon Landau’s write on his Instagram Post?

Sharing Kate’s photo on Instagram, Jon Landau wrote he wanted to share the photo of Kate Winslet after he read her interview in the Hollywood Reporter where Kate said that she had to learn to free dive to portray the role of Ronal. While shooting, Kate held her breath for seven minutes and fourteen seconds, the longest breath-holding she had done to date. When the actor felt that she was disclosing many secrets about her Avatar character, she held back saying she is a water person.

Kate Winslet
Kate talks about his reunion with James Cameron

Speaking about the reunion with her Titanic director James Cameron, Kate said that her experience with him in the film Avatar is very different. She was happily working with him again. She feels that time has changed Cameron. According to her, the director now enjoys filming a movie. She continued saying that becoming a father a number of times have made the director a chilled and calmer person.

Who joins Kate Winslet in Avatar 2?

Some members of Avatar and other new members will join Kate in Avatar 2. Let’s take a look at the cast of the film Avatar 2

  • Dr. Grace Augustine by Sigourney Weaver
  • Jake Sully by Sam Worthington
  • Neytiri by Zoe Saldana
  • Ronal by Kate Winslet
  • Colonel Miles Quaritch by Stephen Lang
  • Norm Spellman by Joel David Moore
  • Mo’at by CCH Pounder
  • Neteyam by Jamie Flatters
  • Lo’ak by Britain Dalton
  • Tuktirey by Trinity Bliss
  • Tonowari by Cliff Curtis
  • Aonung by Filip Geljo
  • Tsireya by Bailey Bass
  • Roxto by Duane Evans Jr.
  • Corporal Lyle Wainfleet by
  • Oona Chaplain/Varang Matt Gerald
  • Javier ‘Spider’ Socorro by Jack Champion
  • Dr. Ian Garvin by Jemaine Clement

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