UK Royal Family is looking for a housekeeper at Windsor Castle, starting salary Rs. 18.5 lakh

The British Royal Family will hire a housekeeper and pay a salary of Rs. 18.5 lakh in the beginning, if a candidate is selected. The Royals of England posted the job on the official website of The Royal Household. Posted Level 2 Apprenticeship job in the list, the work demands you to stay at the Windsor Castle.

What is the post hired for?

The vacancy for the post listed on the official website of The Royal Household says that work is a Level 2 Apprenticeship job. If you are selected as Level 2 Apprentice, you will have to live at the Windsor Castle of the United Kingdom and work for five days a week.
How much salary will you get for the Royal job?
To be honest, the salary is quite Royal. Once selected in the form of a Royal apprentice for the Royal household, the Royal family will pay you a staggering salary of 19,140 British pound sterling at the starting. On calculation, it comes to Rs. 18.5 lakh. Your travel costs will be included in the salary. The Royal Family will provide you a live-in accommodation, though they will balance the amount with your salary. They will give you your daily meals.

UK Royal familyWhat qualifications are the Royals asking for?

To be a Level 2 apprentice at the Royal family you will need to have knowledge in English and Maths. You should be prepared to increase your knowledge if they ask for it. You have to be ready to move to other households of the Royal all around the year and even to Buckingham Palace. The Royal family will give you 33 days of holidays in the comprehensive package. Bank holiday will be covered in the 33 days.

The vacancy post in the Royal Household reads that there is an exemption. If you are selected but you lack qualification to their benchmark, the Royal Family will you to gain the skills as a part of your Level 2 apprenticeship job.

What is the job profile in the Royal household?

Once selected, you will be a part of the Housekeeping team of professionals and keep the interiors of the Palaces clean. You will get on the job training while working with the housekeeping professionals. You will learn how to clean, care for, and maintain the interior and artifacts of the palace to showcase them in the best conditions. The training period will continue for 13 months. On completing the apprenticeship training you will join the Royal family in the form of a permanent employee.

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