During HBO’s Series “The Undoing”, Hugh Grant Cracks A Very British “Dogging” Joke At Hampton’s Drive-In Screening

During the introduction of HBO’s psychological thriller series “The Undoing”, this past weekend out east, Hugh Grant hosted the drive-in screening and welcomed the crowd by saying this is going to be quite a different experience for them as they will be watching two episodes of the series in their cars, which Grant thinks is, “really weird. Maybe you’ll do some necking, or some dogging…whatever people do in cars in the Hamptons.” His co-star Nicole Kidman was seen blushing with a wide smile on her face, at his comment, wondering if the attendees, guests and staffers were able to understand the British slang and get his reference- which supposedly means to have sex with strangers in cars and secluded places.

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

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Guests and Famous Personalities Who Were Present In The Drive-In

The famous guests that were present at Jill Rappaport’s Last Buck Ranch included Candace Bushnell, Rosanna Scotto, David Burka, Steve and Christine Schwarzman, Joanna Coles, Nancy McCartney, Loraine Bracco, Christie Brinkley, Bobby Flay, Jennifer Esposito as well as Grant’s brother Jamie, was was given a generous shout-out during the introduction. Succeeding the show, the guests were requested to participate in a long “honking” (car horn) ovation.

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