Travis Matthew Roy world renowned player of ice hockey, 45 dies due to complications of quadriplegia

Travis Matthew Roy was a world renowned player of ice hockey, an author and a philanthropist. He was born to Lee Roy and Brenda Roy in Augusta, Maine, U.S. on 17th of April, 1975. He was into hockey from a very young age and even grabbed an athletic scholarship, to get into Boston University. When Roy was only 20, he had to play for men’s hockey team representing Boston University, but due to a very unfortunate turn of events he fell prey to a brutal injury and cracked his fourth and fifth vertebrae. After this accident Travis Roy was turned into a quadriplegic, and after some time his right arm regained motion. This incident left a mark on Travis’ life and he decided to do something significant and save people who have undergone spinal cord injuries.

Travis Matthew Roy
Travis Matthew Roy


In 1997, Roy started a foundation and named it, “The Travis Roy Foundation”. His aim was to help patients drowning into depression due to spinal cord and spine injuries and to fund research for curing quadriplegics and paraplegics. In United States, there are approximately 13,000 new injuries each year and the number of people currently living with spine injuries is 250,000. This foundation has made a huge impact in North America and has helped so many, by funding rehabilitation organizations, purchasing wheelchairs, shower chairs, ramps and computers. He gave number of motivational speeches with a hope to rekindle same hope in someone else’s heart. His work for the people who desperately need help and finance touched so many people. He was an inspiration because at a very young age he had developed a true sense of empathy. He wanted to change the world and make it a little more comfortable for sick. Inspired by his life and vision, writer E.M. Swift along with Roy got his autobiography published.

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Roy’s death after surgery complications

Keith VanOrden, brother-in-law, of Roy confirmed that Travis Roy, 45 died yesterday due to complications of quadriplegia. He had had a surgery and there were some issues after it and he was rushed to University Of Vermont, Medical Center for another surgery, where he breathed his last. According to Keith, Roy was a free spirit who loved his friends and family. Anybody who had a conversation would leave with confidence and great hope. He had spent 25 years in pain but those 25 years were inspiring for the people around him.

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