Google has announced that its cloud gaming service Stadia will be coming to iPhone and iPad

Google LLC is a multinational company everyone knows about. Ask a toddler and he will give a proper demo, It is that well established in the global community nowadays. Google is related to internet based products and services.


Their services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Technology for paid online advertising and much more

Recently Google has made a big announcement regarding its cloud gaming. As per the US based MNC “STADIA”, its cloud gaming service will appear on iPhone and iPad in the future. This would be available via a new web application. Microsoft’s xCloud is competing against its rival Stadia to appear on iOS in the coming year. In this stead Google has been keen with its technology and development. Google is trying to build a web application version of Stadia that can be run on Apple’s Safari browser. Apple Inc. Is an American Multinational Company that deals with design and marketing of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Their products include Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iOS, Mac OS, watch OS, tvOS iPad OS,  and Home Pod.

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Apple lifts restrictions

Apple had put restrictions on Cloud Gaming Services so it was hard for Google to start a new venture like that. But in August, Apple announced that it would allow Google Cloud Gaming on App store. But the company only allow it after the game is submitted for review to Apple App store team. If the game qualifies then only will it be made available on iOS devices. Fortnite, the popular game which was not allowed by Apple on it’s Web Store, will now be streaming on iOS Safari in Beta. Nvidia, who is a graphic giant has also reported that its GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming Service will be streaming on iOS Safari in Beta. Nvidia will be offering Fortnite after this collab.

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