Vivo Snapdragon 888 powered device running OriginOS with beast Performance

Another Geekbench 5 section shows that Vivo is chipping away at a cell phone with the model number ‘V2056A’. As per the posting, the V2056A has a chipset. past holes, be that the V2056A has a Snapdragon 888, which Qualcomm reported yesterday. There few postings on Geekbench with ‘Lahaina’ motherboards, of which the V2056A is one. Moreover, the chipset can be ‘ARM implementer 65 design section 3396 modification 0’.

Vivo Snapdragon 888

V2056A has 12 GB of Smash and is running Android 11, which another leader cell phone. The knowledge into the exhibition of the Snapdragon at this stage. The new chipset seems to have an exhibition than the Snapdragon 865, 11% bit of leeway in multi-center assignments.

Geekbench, OnePlus, and Samsung have Snapdragon 888-controlled cell phones being developed. Realme and Xiaomi the Motorola. Qualcomm 13 OEMs have just sworn to deliver cell phones containing the Snapdragon.

Snapdragon 888 they are building new lead chips. vivo by this Geekbench result

The Vivo V2056A a “Lahaina” motherboard, which is the code name for the 888 areas in Hawaii for the 12GB of Slam and runs Android 11. Benchmark Vivo is building a Snapdragon. Qualcomm kept down certain chips during Day 1 of the Snapdragon Tech.

This early benchmark is indicating a 20% expansion in the S865, while multi-center speed shows just an unassuming addition. Once more, only a model, so this is only an early glance. A computer chip is an upgrade that Qualcomm took a shot at for this delivery. Indeed, Day 1 the 888 brings the “main update in Qualcomm Adreno this is outside.

2020 held yesterday, the most recent Snapdragon-based on TSMC’s 5nm cycle. The processor self controls the up-and-coming age of leader cell phones. Xiaomi’s President Lei the brand will be the first Snapdragon 888-controlled model which will be the Mi 11 expected in January 2021. it will deliver a leader with the new chipset in 2021.

The Vivo model fueled by the Snapdragon 888 chipset has been spotted on the GeekBench. The model shows up with the model number Vivo V2056A and is fueled by the Snapdragon 888 its codename Lahaina.

Android 11 will have an overlay of which is the main form running on Android 11. 11GB of Slam

The Snapdragon 888-fueled the show up on benchmark score, the Snapdragon 888 of 1135 focuses, and a multi-center score of 3681 focuses. This spilled designing machines. The score nearly pairs those of the Snapdragon 865-controlled model both on the single and multi-center tests.

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Leader VP Official Hu Baishan expressed: “The vivo brand and the iQOO brand will before the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. With the gift of Snapdragon 888, the leader results of vivo and iQOO shoppers all the experience, and helpful more.”

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