South Korea passes a law, according to which BTS can postpone their military enlistment

Bangtan Sonyeondan widely popular as BTS is a South Korean boy group that is well known for its discography and wide range of music. They produce and deliver a wide variety of music soft ballads like Truth Untold, and upbeat songs like Dynamite. Their music was well received by the world but after the success of Dynamite, their popularity has gained momentum and their fandom has swelled. Their fanbase is known as ARMY which is not a single word but an acronym. It stands for Adorable Representative M.C. Of Youth. BTS made their debut in the year 2013 and they were not well known back then. Their image has improved only because of their hard work, unending love for music, and passion for creating masterpieces.


Members of BTS

BTS is a boy band consisting of seven members

  • Kim Seokjin 28,
  • Min Yoongi 27,
  • Kim Namjoon 26,
  • Jung Hoseok 26,
  • Park Jimin 25,
  • Kim Taehyung 24,
  • Jeon Jungkook 23

The success of “Dynamite”

This year has specially added many badges to their successful career. BTS released a single Dynamite in August this year and it touched the skies. Touching the skies is not an overstatement for this group. Dynamite made BTS gain their first #1 on Billboard Hot 100. It was also the first YouTube video to surpass 100 million views in the first 24 hours of the premiere. BTS managed to contribute more than a billion US dollars to South Korea’s economy just with Dynamite.

Military Enlistment on BTS

In South Korea, it is mandatory that all able-bodied men should enlist in the military before they turn 28 or a man who has a fully functional and healthy body must’ve served in the military before he turns 30. The service period is of two years duration. However, there have been some relaxations included in the law for men who represent the country in the Olympics or Asian Games, or have been exceptionally successful athletes. But so far there have been no exemptions from the Kpop industry. Many efforts have been made by Korean Lawmakers to exempt BTS from enlistment. Noh Woong Rae proposed that BTS should be made to serve the country in some other way because such great artists are needed by the country to represent its culture and people internationally. This suggestion was opposed by Kim Jong-Cheol who said that BTS shouldn’t be given any special treatment as that might be an unfair decision for other young men of the country.

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Life Goes On, Grammys and BTS Law

 Soon after releasing Dynamite, they collaborated with Jason Derulo for the remix of Savage Love and it also hit the #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100. Last month BTS released their album BE which broke all their previous records and made them the most-streamed Artist on Spotify with 4.7 Billion streams in 92 countries. Recently their title track “Life Goes On” has topped the Billboard Charts and the Group has also been nominated for Grammys. These achievements and feats have rekindled the discussion about their military enlistment. As per reports, the lawmakers have passed a bill popularly known as “BTS law”, according to which artists like BTS who do a great job at glorifying South Korea internationally can postpone their enlistment till the age of 30 which gives Jin a gap of 2 more years to focus on his career.

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