Yeol Romero will not be fighting for UFC from now on, left on his contract

According to Malki Kawa, manager of the former UFC fighter the news is true and Romero has officially ended his contract with UFC. According to sources, Yeol Romero has walked out with three fights still remaining in his contract with UFC. UFC is an MMA (mixed martial arts) promotion company that does shows and events worldwide.

Yoel Romero Palacio is a wrestler and a martial artist, who used to fight for UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Yeol Romero

Some Significant Achievements Of Romero

  • At no. 5 in the UFC middleweight rank list
  • Has won a gold medal as a freestyle wrestler
  • Silver medalist in the Olympics
  • No. Of Gold medals at Pan American Games and Pan American Championships
  • Romero 43, has won 6 Olympic and World medals.

As everyone was looking forward to Romero’s fight, this didn’t cross anyone’s mind that he would end things so suddenly. While speaking to ESPN, Malki Kawa said that it was an honor to be given all the opportunities and said that Yeol Romero is thankful to Hunter Campbell, and UFC president Dana White. Kawa said that Romero didn’t put a block in his career. He is planning to better himself, work again, and find a new promotion company.

Even if Romero lost his last match with Adesanya, he is still at the top of his game. His athleticism is there for going down in history.

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UFC’s narrative on Romero’s Exit

Associating Romero’s name to UFC is a common sight. He has added value to the promotion industry. But so far there have been no comments made on the behalf of UFC. Since Romero is not a rookie, UFC won’t be allowed to leave without a word any time soon. They will be surrounded by queries and questions about Yeol Romero’s contract end.

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