Audio Book Chuwi LarkBook Ultra Thin, Sleek Feather-Light Body by Chuwi

Work from home has been a very cliche term that has frequently been used amongst the working-class people ever since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. This includes the excess use and demand for laptops, computers, phones and other technological equipment. In order to satisfy the needs of the people, almost all major brands have been trying to focus on creating one product which will cater to all consumer needs, wants, desires and services. Chuwi, belonging to one of those companies, is planning to launch a special “Chuwi LarkBook”, which is a super-light audio book created to meet the needs and requirements of students and officer workers. It is specially designed just so that it is able to provide all services to those in need of mobile, education, work and entertainment purposes.

Features Designed To Guarantee Satisfactory Entertainment Services

The “Chuwi LarkBook” comes with a 13.3-inch fully laminated IPS screen display, possessing a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Having a crystal clear image and text quality, this gives the users a really comfortable audience experience while working, typing or even watching a movie. It owns 4 built-in high-quality speakers and gives out a full DTS stereo sound, immersing the users in power-packed experience while watching HD+ videos.

Audio Book Chuwi LarkBookHas Low Core Processors and A Sleek, Feather-Light Body

This laptop runs on an Intel N4120 processor with quad-core four threads and turbo frequency 2.4GHz to deliver flawless performances. It has an 8GB RAM and a storage space of 256GB. It also possesses a built-in UHD 600 graphics card, which assists the device in decoding and showcasing 4K HD videos. Unlike the previous N3350 generations of laptops, the N4120 serves to be a much more efficient and powerful processor. The single-core processor has been enhanced by 90%, significantly increasing the depth of its overall performance in operation and functioning systems. Coming to the battery, the “Chuwi LarkBook” features a 6W low power-consuming build to ensure a long-lasting battery life of up to 10 hours. Its full metal body made from magnesium alloy and light aluminium has a very smooth texture and is also comparatively lighter than the other 13.3-inch laptops, weighing as low as 1kg. The 11.9mm thickness makes it all the more comfortable to be stored away in bags and is convenient to carry around too.

Release Date, Price and Availability

Possessing many amazing qualities, the “Chuwi LarkBook” is a device most people will desperately desire, looking at its overall features and outstanding factors guaranteeing smooth performances. It is to be globally launched on 15th December 2020, and the price is not yet known. The accurate pricing is expected to be announced on the day of the laptop’s official release and will be available on almost all online shopping platforms.

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