WhatsApp Includes Carts Feature For In-App Shopping Purposes

WhatsApp has newly added the “carts” option to make it easier for the users to shop online in the app in itself. By using the “carts” feature, people will be able to browse any catalog, choose multiple products and place the orders by confirming a message to the business group. This will simply businesses to keep a steady record of order inquiries, manage several requests and to inspect the sales opening and closings, the Facebook-owned company had stated in a blog. WhatsApp began to give out a shopping button on its own app to make it easier for those users who wanted to discover any specific business catalog of their choice to squeeze out information about the goods, services and products that are offered by that particular firm.

To Shop Online By It’s In-App Shopping System

WhatsApp, first known popularly as a communication-only social media app, is now rapidly evolving in becoming a store counter and a platform to discuss products, sell and purchase products and to coordinate and organize sales. The presence of catalogs have permitted various users to take a look at what was available and assisted people to assess and talk about business-related matters, giving the possibility of more shopping occurring just by the act of chats. WhatsApp had claimed that they wanted to “make buying and sassing easier”, on December 8. They had also mentioned that the “catalogs” feature allows the users to scrutinize the available products while also giving them the opportunity to organize businesses by chatting about specific items. They also added that the much awaited “carts” feature will be available to all users globally on December 8,  which is right in time for the holiday season of Christmas and that of the coming new year.

WhatsApp Includes Carts FeatureHow To Utilize The “Carts” Feature In WhatsApp

By using the “carts” feature, people are given the option to browse any catalog, select ,multiple orders all at once and can place the orders as a single message to the specific businesses. To do so, one has to simply search for the items they want and then click the “add to cart” option. Once the step is done, they will be able to send it as a single message to the business. Lately, WhatsApp has revealed that more than 175 million people send messages to WhatsApp Business Accounts every single day and around 40 million people view a business catalog profile every month, which includes 3 million in India itself. The company had also conducted a survey for their active users, stating that 76 percent of adults in India would rather do business with/purchase from any company which they can “contact via messaging than one that lacks the chatting option.”

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