Digimon Adventure, Hikari’s entry into the Digi World, Episode 27 Release Date Announced

Digimon Adventure is an improv version of the 1999 series of the Digimon franchise and this is the eighth anime series. There is already a lot going on in this fresh series, which makes it as interesting as the previous series and is a good feast for hungry otakus. Episode 27 had been confirmed to be released soon and fans are excited to know what happens after the main cliff-hanger, with which Taichi’s younger sister Hikari visited Digital World for the first-ever time through a flash of bright light. A brand new ending theme has also been revealed and fans are eager and satisfied with the choice of the series’ opening and ending themes, which have always been gems of children’s music.

Digimon Adventure Release Date

Done and dusted with 26 previous episodes, episode 27 is bound to be released soon. Digimon Adventure’s 27th episode is titled “To A New Continent”. Here, fans will witness Taichi expressing his shock on seeing his younger sister Hikari arriving at El Doradimon. She does not have any explanation or doesn’t specify her reasons on why she came there but there is not much time to ask Hikari either as the traumatic perils are not over in the real world. A rocket fails to take off due to some malfunctions in the system and explodes with a humongous blast, plunging the entire continent into darkness as electricity has been denied to the citizens. With this tragic incident, Koshiro decides that the problem can be solved in the Digital World and smooths out a clever plan. Their journey and the progress of their story will be revealed in episode 27. This episode will be launched on December 6, 2020, on a lazy Sunday, which is a perfect time to stay home and watch the anime.

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Digimon Adventure plot, a New Ending Theme

Digimon Adventure has also kick-started its new arc by rewarding the loyal and debating fans with a brand new ending theme song. With this, fans were sure Hikari’s entry into the Digital World has only paved the way for her to join the DigiDestined team and the new ending proves the time sequence. Digimon Adventure’s third ending theme is titled “ Mind Game”, performed by artist Macia_n. Usually, when an anime goes through an ending or opening musical theme change during the middle of a season, it hints at the new progression of the storyline, such as a main character’s death, or inclusion of another main character, or any tragic/happy incident which provokes a plot twist or any change in an anime’s plot. Digimon Adventure is no exception, as this addition of a new ending theme hints that Hikari’s presence in the Digital World is going to impact the plot, just as how the second ending theme confirmed that Yamato’s younger brother Takeru would join the DigiDestined team. Though there are possibilities that Hikari has a Holy Digimon connection as well, we will never know for sure until she and her partner Digimon Gatomon- who was seen as an additional character in the new ending theme- are wholly brought into this action-packed anime series, with the answers being revealed in episode 27 of Digimon Adventure.

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