Facebook Relaunches Instagram Lite app and it has reached the handsets of Indian Users

There are many applications which don’t work in the areas of farther reach. Some places with poor internet connectivity don’t function as proper hubs for new and improved features of popular social networking sites. This might be due to less availability of grounds for tower installation, or limited reach of a service provider. All these factors make it hard for the present day folks to keep up with the changes that happen around them on a regular basis. To make up for that, many apps on SNS like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have taken to the less modular versions of their apps. These Lite versions of apps take less space, don’t require fast internet connection and make it easier for everyone to be where they desire to be.

 Instagram Lite appInstagram Lite in India

India has a hundred million users on Instagram and Facebook, so it is an obvious reason to count it as a country to receive the new Lite apps. Also, there are many areas in the highly populated nation where people wish to use the app on a light scale, with less requirements from the network. Keeping all this in perspective, Facebook decided to launch a new Instagram lite app beginning with a South Asian Country India.

Languages available

But there were some issues with the installs of the app, so it was shut. Now the app has resurfaced. Only a month, and this app gathered 5 million downloads. It supports many features of the main app, but because it is not the exact main app so it obviously lacks some of them like reels, IGTV and other high data options. It is available to a user in many languages like Tamil, Kannada, Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi and many more. This move is in the hope of attracting a larger number of users from the country.

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