Delhi falls in seismic zone 4 which makes it an area susceptible to earthquakes, To measure Richter scale is used

Delhiites are concerned that seismicity of the region might have increased, as Delhi faced more than ten earthquakes since June. Delhi is located in the northern part of South Asian country India. Its neighboring states are Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. It covers an area of around 1480 square kilometers. Delhi has three major demarcations:

  • Delhi Ridge
  • Yamuna Flood Plains
  • Gangetic Plains

The earth has different seismic zones and we study them to know which part of the earth is more prone to earthquakes. Knowing about the status of your place, is crucial. It is because, a person should be prepared for all kinds of situations. Delhi falls in seismic zone 4 which makes it an area susceptible to earthquakes. Nothing devastating has ever happened to the area, but it does feel tremors every now and then. Earthquakes occur when the tectonic plates collide and shake the crust of the earth. Earthquakes are felt in the region of epicenter as well as in the adjoining areas. To measure the intensity of the earthquake a Richter scale is used.

Delhi4.2 Magnitude tremors make people leave their houses and run for streets

On the night of 17th Nov, Thursday an earthquake 4.2 on Richter  scale, was reported with its epicentre in Haryana. According to NCS, it originated in Rewari 5 kilometres beneath the ground. Tremors were also faced in Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad.

Delhi faced several quakes this summer

  • April 12 : 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit Delhi
  • April 13: magnitude 2.7 on Richter scale
  • May 15: magnitude 2.2
  • June: magnitude 2.1
  • And now on December 17: 4.2 on Richter scale

After the recurring tremors, Delhi is facing apprehensions of the region becoming more seismically active. There is also a  fear of bigger jerks in future. But so far there is no scientific evidence or explanation to hold the ground for these speculations. It is a fear so far and only after some research on the condition of plate movement beneath the Delhi grounds, anything can be said with certainty.

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