Sintonia Season 2 Release Dates Announced officially Plot, Cast, and Other Juicy Details

Premiering first in August 2019 on the online streaming beast Netflix, this Brazilian crime drama is created, directed, and produced by the almighty KondZilla, the one, and only Brazilian music video director. After turning 30 and kicking it, KondZilla’s YouTube channel is the largest and only Brazillian Youtube channel with more than 50 million subscribers. Season 1 of “Sintonia” was co-produced by the stunning Brazillian actress Alice Braga (I Am Legend Fame) and ends with Doni ( MC JottaPê) officials signing a recording contract after devotionally offering the live performances and clips to his late father.

Sintonia Season 2

Sintonia Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

As of now, Netflix hasn’t ordered or completely renewed season 2 of “Sintonia”. In usual practices, Netflix generally waits for about 3-6 weeks before officially announcing the premieres for the new seasons of various series. That is, “3%” (a Brazilian thriller series) was launched in November 2016 and was renewed during the next month. The Brazilian period drama “Most Beautiful Thing” was officially released and renewed in May 2019. So judging from Netflix’s behavioral past with Brazilian series, “Sintonia” season 2 will most probably be launched during late 2020, while also taking into consideration the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Sintonia Season 2 Cast Most Likely To Reappear

With the first season of “Sintonia” ending on a slightly positive note, we can expect the good old cast to continue to act out their roles for the second season too:

  • MC JottaPê as Doni
  • Bruna Mascarenhas as Rita
  • Christian Malheiros as Nando
  • Júlia Yamaguchi as Scheyla
  • Danielle Olímpia as Cacau
  • Rosana Maris as Jussara
  • Fernanda Viacava as Sueli
  • Vanderlei Bernardino as Chico
  • Daniela Nefussi as Marcia
  • Vinícius de Oliveira as Eder
  • Leilah Moreno as Dondoka
  • Matheus Santos as Formiga

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Does Sintonia Season Have In Store For The Vivid Viewers?

In spite of the chaotic happenings going on in the central favela locations, it is safe to say that season 1 of “Sintonia” did end on a positive note. After a very privileged childhood, Doni will then be forced to have a quick grow up after the sudden demise of his father. Though a brand new recording agreement reveals a possibility that Doni will grow up to be rich and successful, he still does owe a lot of money to a locality named Miro. In Nando’s situation, however, his stealthy underworld activities will sooner or later pose a threat to Doni’s career, thereby resulting in frequent fluctuations in the long-time pals’ relationship. Rita will definitely voice out her reasons and struggle her way out of any mishaps to follow her religious beliefs and to keep her romantic love interests occupied. Season 1 had 6 episodes and being recorded in São Paulo, the production for the second season will commence by late spring of 2020 and be released by the first few months into 2021.

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