OnePlus Reveals Latest Phone OnePlus 8T with Hand Tracking Motion

The smartphone will influence the interaction between user and technology in a way, you have never seen before. The world is dunking in technology if you closely look at the trends since smartphones were introduced. Every single day is packed with new ideas and plans. The mobile companies are on a rise and there seems to be no end to this competition.

Every company is hiring qualified and quality employees to make its products reach maximum hands. There is nothing stopping this wave unless all the people collectively decide to move under a rock. New technologies and genius minds are setting records each day only to make lives easier and better. The smartphones are not just a commodity now, they reflect your interests. There are smartphones like rollables, scrollables and triple fold displays. Now there is a lot you can choose from. It’s like, you just have to think about it and some company has already started to work on it.

OnePlus 8TAbout OnePlus 8T

OnePlus has come up with a similar innovation. OnePlus is a Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer which is known for it’s high quality technology and design.

  • As per reports, In 2021 OnePlus will introduce a new smartphone design which will better the standard of interaction between a user and technology.
  • The new phone will help you in using your hand gestures to reject or accept a call.
  • It offers a combination of mm Wave technology (based on 5G) and ECMF technology to instill the feature of touchless notifications.
  • In ECMF design there’s a glass film at the back of the smartphone which has a coating of a metal oxide on it.
  • The users will be able to experience color change, from dark blue to light silver and vice versa, when the metal oxide is activated.

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