Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro expected to launch alongside the Galaxy S21 series

Samsung always tries to bring very modern, trendy and classic design variations for android users. Recently some tea has been spilled over the new and much talked about Samsung’s upcoming devices in the Galaxy series S21 and Samsung galaxy bud pro.

What’s upcoming and new at Samsung’s

The details reveal how these two shall be launched together in the market soon and will posses key features, gorgeous designs and will be having more efficient long lasting battery life.

Bud pro features 

There had been several discussions about what possible new additions and improvements will be made in the popular Bud pros and now rumors claim that these small yet powerful sound earpiece will have a battery life of 28 hours which is brought by 61mAh battery in each bud pro piece whereas it’s case will have a 472h battery. If you think that’s cool well, if you compare that basically will  mean this device will work about  20% more than the Samsung Galaxy live. Besides there’s more to this bud pros, it may contain fantastic coaxial speakers along with 11mm bass drivers and 6.5mm tweeters all of these mentioned specifications are said to enhance Active Noise Control to further make sure that notice cancelling( about 35db) productivity and competence is thoroughly maintained. These little well structured ear pieces are also going to be water-resistant which is a similar concept to air-pods having this same feature but nevertheless it’s a much needed item.

Samsung Galaxy Buds ProSamsung galaxy bud pros  estimated cost

This audio device is said to be expensive and approximately will cost you about Euros 229 that roughly comes to about Rs 20,500 in India and $279 in America. These estimates may change.

Design, color choices and much more

The device is said to have more choice of color but for now what has been leaked and revealed is their classic black and silver color options will be available also possibly a few more glossy color choices may get introduced as well. So let’s await the official launch.

Comparisons between Galaxy live and Galaxy Bud pro  

Galaxy Bud pros seems ahead of the game by its seamless and smooth connections with both Android and IOS devices which makes it better. The addition of support of ANC will definitely make the Bud pro more preferred rather than Galaxy live that did not contain this feature. Plus Bud pros have volume adjustment,3D spatial audio and and of course it’s promise to have better sound quality by the notice cancelling item that can be changed at many levels.

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