Cyberpunk 2077- Investor files lawsuit against the most awaited game of 2020

The most awaited game of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077, was launched in December 2020. Its troubled launch wasn’t just a disaster for the gamers but also the game’s investors. Two weeks after the launch of this game, CD Projekt Red, the company behind this game is facing a lawsuit. One of the game’s investors Andrew Trampe sued the Polis Game Developers on Thursday in the Federal Court of LA.

Reasons leading to the lawsuit

The lawsuit claims that the investors were misled by the game’s market and performance before its release, causing a major drop in the stock prices and therefore incurring losses. The game developers allegedly failed to convey that the game was unplayable, and instead marketed it as a success with only a few issues that would probably go unnoticed by players. According to reports, Andrew Trampe is looking forward to team up with other investors in the lawsuit to turn it into a class action.

Problems in the game that led to the lawsuit

The game was released on December 10th after a lot of controversies about the working conditions. Gamers primarily criticized the game’s performance on PS4 and Xbox One. The game is reported to sometimes only run on these consoles with the frame rates below 20 FPS at low resolution. Along with this, many players have criticized the role-playing element.

However, the main problem is the technical condition of the Open-world shooter. After consulting with the game developers, CD Projekt, PS4 manufacturer Sony has decided to remove Cyberpunk from the official Playstation store. Xbox manufacturer Microsoft has not yet taken this step but is already granting all buyers refunds.

The game developers are optimistic that they could fix the problems with patches in the coming months.

Sale in the Games

CD Projekt recently stated that it has sold a total of 13 million copies of the game by December 20, factoring the number of refund requests made by customers. However, we are not told the exact information about the scale of refunds.

It remains to be seen what this class action lawsuit will materialize into.

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