Black Shark going to launch series of new accessories that are available for pre-bookings for both IOS and Android phones

Black shark is a gaming phone company that has multiple strong features like its powerful battery, big RAM, impressive liquid cooling technology that allows the phone to run smoothly while using. Black shark 3 was their recent device that was introduced that had several specifications and lovely attributes. This company states to be having best quality and innovative style for gaming ecosystem which is unmatched globally and provides fantastic visuals that makes them different and unique and especially for gamer-centric players. Now Black Shark is very soon going to launch on the date  January 1st for sale and will bring a series of new accessories that are available for pre-bookings for both IOS and Android phones which we will look into.

Black SharkNew 30 Power watt Charger

This charger will cost you about $12(approximately Rs 800) and this charger is going to provide a maximum of power of 30W and consists of two ports namely USB A and USB C. The plug for the connection will be a flexible one so it can be easily placed and folded. Though no details has been disclosed yet about how much the ports power will be though the design has been released and will be for both IOS and Android users.

Shoulder triggers for mobile gaming

We all are aware of the shoulder buttons at the top which are also known as the  “R2 and L2” buttons are commonly found in handheld consoles and controllers hence, are a typical design for gaming devices. These are absent in mobile phones and usually appear at the screen which makes it clumsy but black shark has now introduced a set of manual triggers that can be added to you phones and they will be having an extra two buttons so each shoulder trigger will comprise a total of four buttons. Each of the shoulder trigger will cost about $6 (approx. ₹400) and both will be $12 (approx.₹800)

Black Shark Lightning Data and charging cables

Black shark is also going to launch two lightning data cables for I phone users and both will have different speed of charging depending on their price. This has two connections, one for USB A input and the other for the data cable. The quick charger will charge about $10.6(approx.₹600) and the less one will be about $9(approx. ₹700). There will also be a type C data cable that has a twisted design and will fit a USB C port whose other side will be for USB A. This cable will cost about $9(approx.₹700). These cables have a fair price but the speed charger is recommended.

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