Jon Huber known as Luke Harper for WWE Dies at 41 due to lung problems unrelated to Covid

Jon Huber, best remembered for his play as Luke Harper for World Wrestling Entertainment, made through WWE Monday Night Raw. However, at BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama. John Huber, the talented professional wrestler, known as Luke Harper for World Wrestling Entertainment, died on Saturday. He is 41 years old. His wife, Amanda Huber, announced the news of his death on Instagram on Saturday night. He said the cause of death was due to “lung problems unrelated to Covid”.  “My heart is broken,” he said. “The world recognizes him as amazing. But he is my biggest friend, partner, and father you will ever engage. No words can show the attachment I sense or how devastated I am right now.”

Jon Huber All of the Elite Wrestling Presidents and CEOs Tony Khan have expressed their condolences

“I am saddened to miss Jon Huber, known to fans as Mr Brodie Lee, formerly Luke Harper. John is a great person. His family comes first, his beloved wife Amanda and their son. Brody + Nolan. He likes to fight and is excellent at it. He loves you fans. Please keep that in your hearts. ” WWE shared his thoughts on Huber’s death on the company website: “Known as Luke Harper and Brody Lee in the ring. Huber has succeeded at every stop in his sports and entertainment career because his quiet yet impressive presence helped him make a difference.” countless memorable moments in the ring. After success on the independent circuit, Harper made his debut on NXT as a threatening factor for the Wyatt family. Harper has a strong team with Rowan who will set the grounds for future progress in the championship.

About Journey of Jon Huber

Huber’s performance as Luke Harper, part of the Wyatt family surrounding and defends its leader Bray Wyatt, has received a warm welcome from the wrestling world and his fans. Harper’s crazy eyes, big beard, creepy demeanour, and extraordinary appearance in the ring often stole the show despite supporting Wyatt’s progress. While at WWE, he was an Intercontinental Champion and SmackDown Tag Champion. WWE released Huber in December 2019 before joining All Elite Wrestling as Brodie Lee in March 2020. Lee led the Dark Order faction as “The Exalted One” and immediately challenged John Moxley (WWE’s Dean Ambrose). to Double or None PPV Championship Matches. He then defeated Cody Rhodes for the TNT AEW championship before bringing him back to Rhodes in October. Born in Rochester, New York, Huber achieved his record in the independent chain as Brody Lee, who appeared for Chikara, Squared Circle Wrestling, the Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA, and Dragon Gate in Japan. He then received development contracts with Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT before making his WWE debut in 2013.

Huber’s wife Amanda and the wrestling world expressed their condolences on her last Saturday night

Previously, Huber fought in WWE under the name Ring Luke Harper. In March, after eight years of a successful WWE career, he made his big debut for AEW and became the faction leader known as The Dark Order. AEW issued a statement calling Huber “highly respected and loved” across the industry.  “John’s affection for his wife, Amanda. Also, for his kids Brody and Nolan. However, it proves to all of us who are lucky enough to contribute time with him. And we send our appreciation and support today. And forever to his beloved family,” revealed Explanation. John’s reputation among his companions and his influence in the wrestling business was global and exceeded AEW, so his losses would be a long one. “All of us at AEW have the right of summoning John Huber, a brother. Also, an associate and one of our personal.” In an interview in May with SI Justin Barrasso of SI Huber, he was excited about his ambitions at AEW and saw the move as an opportunity to prove himself in a more critical role than the one he played in WWE.  “I’ve been expecting a very long period for this,” said Lee. “This is an event. That I missed and there was no means I could exist. Although, with myself, if I left the failure there. I knew precisely what was going to happen. He knew what I was going to bring. Also, people would make a lot of money during the game. “

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