A 20-year-old man, accused of shooting an officer twice on the back, offered him an apology on Friday.  

On 24 December 2020, William Moss shot an NYPD officer, Connor Boliack on the back twice using a pink gun, while he was taking the statement of Moss’ girlfriend. Of the 2 bullets fired, one had penetrated the Officer’s vest but did not penetrate his skin. Reports claim that Moss told the prosecutors that when he fired shots in the Crown Heights neighborhood, only his girlfriend was present.

The Criminal William Moss

The Criminal William Moss

Moss, a 20-year-old young boy from Brooklyn, said “I’m sorry, officer” to the New York Police Department. He also stated that he wished it never happened.

Apart from this, Moss faces several other charges, including murder and assault. The incident of shooting Officer Connor occurred around 9 p.m. on the Eve of Christmas when the city was busy celebrating.

Health of Officer Connor Boliack

Because of the officer’s bulletproof vest, the bullets did not penetrate the skin. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea officially stated that the brave-hearted Connor Boliack was out of danger and was expected to be okay. The hospital later released the brave Officer.

The Scene of Crime

According to reports, the NYPD commissioner said that they got a call at 911 by a woman, complaining that her daughter’s boyfriend was threatening them to shoot-up her home. On arriving the police were taking statements. Later the officer said that they had been ambushed.

Two other officers at the scene of the crime shot at least seven shots as a return to Moss’ shooting. Reports claim that the NYPD was able to arrest Moss two blocks away.

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Shea also stated that he thinks that on the eve of Christmas there must have been someone who was looking out for the officers as no one got severely injured and all of them are now safe. After looking at the bodycams on the officers, the NYPD commissioner praised their courage and bravery. The entire city of New York is applauding the swift actions of NYPD officers at the crime scene and are grateful that they are not in more dire conditions.

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