The Bond Girl, Gemma Arterton, took the role only to pay off her student loan

The Daniel Craig era of Bond films is coming to an end with ‘No Time to Die’. While Casino Royale and Skyfall were massive successes, the two other films- Quantum of Solace and Spectre were quite criticized. The movie Quantum of Solace was a victim of the 2008 writer’s strike. The strike impacted the movie’s production and is cited as one of the reasons behind the mess. Even though the movie was a misfire, it is endearing that the lead actress of the film, Gemma Arterton, took the role of Strawberry Fields for the same reason most people take up jobs, to pay off their student loan.

Gemma Arterton

 The Actress’ opinion about Bond Films

In a recent interview, the 34-year-old actress also stated that now she finds Bond movie sexist. She hopes that she could have done better earlier and said no to the film. If she had the maturity she has now, she says that she would’ve gladly worn flat shoes and been poor. Gemma beat 1500 other aspirants for the role of Strawberry Fields, but as she grew older, she saw the numerous flaws in the portrayal of women in the Bond movies and hopes she knew better than that.

The Actress’ role in changing the industry

Gemma started her own production company in 2013 which throws the limelight to female talents. She says that even though the Hollywood industry is doing better than before, there is still a lot to be done. Being a victim of sexism in the industry in her early years, she wants to create an environment where female talents get respected. She looks forward to growing older and wiser and wishes to walk in the footsteps of her grandfather. She is still optimistic about the changing times and hopes that Hollywood would soon become better.

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The actress has also said that she is still criticized for taking the role but later in life, she has made conscious decisions about the choice of roles that she takes up.

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