Hisense with another impressive TV technology, launches L9F series Laser TV

Hisense comes up with yet another impressive TV technology. The company launches L9F series Laser TV. To know more about the smart TV read on.
Hisense is a manufacturer of electronic goods. You may or may not know the name but the products are a part of your niche. You hover around and you will find a product or two owned by your colleagues or friends. The radio manufacturers took a big step and expanded to bring new gadgets to forefront. It’s a father of brand names that will jog your memory certainly for example Toshiba, Kelon and Ronshen.

TVs and gadgets by Hisense

Started off with radios, now the company mostly makes TVs, set top boxes and even smartphones. It manufactures high quality Televisions and electronic items. As a part of its business it keeps on trying new technological advances in its gadgets. Not to miss the new television they have been working on. Hisense released a Laser TV for its customers recently. It is a dubbed L9F Laser Television.

Hisense L9F series Laser TVSome Important Features and Specs

  • Sizes it’s available in 75 inches and 80 inches.
  • It also features an AI camera
  • Laser: tri colour
  • D Max chip to enhance the brightness
  • The smart TV has a Heat Dissipation mechanism
  • TV resolution upto 4k
  • Has a reflective screen to improve quality of picture
  • To enforce better viewing, it also has Brightness that can go upto 380 nits
  • You can even view it from a distance of 3 meters
  • It also has X virtual sound technology
  • This smart TV also supports video calling
  • And supports Voice control
  • Tilt angle adjustment can go upto 35 degrees
  • Processor: Quad core, MediaTek MT9639
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Internal Storage128GB


  • Price of 75 inch model number 75L9F ┬áis around 999 dollars which is nearly 1K USD
  • Price of model 80L80F is around 19 USD

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