Lumiford XP 70 wireless earphones launched in India- Price, features and more

The new Lumiford XP70 wireless earphones has finally launched in India. This company has launched and released electronics like Televisions, Bluetooth Speakers, Earphones, Headphones in the last three years and have done remarkably well in the field of their speakers and earphones. Their speakers and earphones are the top-tier products. Let’s see what all the new XP70 has to offer.

Features available on the new XP70 wireless earphones

These earphones have a great light-weight design and consist of

  • an intelligent control system that will easily help listeners to play or pause manipulate the sound as per their preference.

This is possible by the magnetic system built that enables the users to do so. Another pretty amazing item on the earphones are the

  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile system to enhance the Bluetooth connectivity along with extra bass-drivers to enhance and boost the bass audio.

Lumiford XP 70 wireless earphonesThis is a modern item which will attract consumers especially younger generation.

Battery life of the XP70 wireless earphones

One of the important factors of Bluetooth devices especially earphones and headphones include the battery life of the device. Over the years the battery life has been not only increased but also improved

quality. However this pair of hearings will be possessing a 160mAh battery which will provide a continuous usage of 10 hour listening and talk time that is truly grand and splendid value. To charge the device it many take around 2 hours of time also the company is offering a total of 350 hours of standby time which is a lot.

How much will the XP70 will cost you?

Since Lumiford is an Indian origin company its price will obviously suit Indian market .The XP70 will cost about Rs. 2,599 and is a seemingly cheap price for a device that has to offer a lot. This is definitely a recommended price for a product which is wireless yet is affordable unlike AirPods and Bud Pros even though these two have many advanced features which are unmatchable but this earphones are surely worth your time and money.

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