F150, Bison 2021 Rugged Smartphone to be Launched as New Brand with an 8000mAh battery, 6GB ram

F150 is a cell phone that was set up this year by being open. Since up short on certain highlights that an experience has, make one of their own. Subsequent to putting thought and difficult work into it, their 2021. This cell phone is worked to be tough and is good to go in 2021.

Buffalo 2021 flaunts a 5.86-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 5 u-indent show and is fueled by a MediaTek Helio G25 chipset. It runs on an operating system and highlights an 8000mAh battery. Different highlights incorporate 6GB Slam, NFC backing.

With 2 unique modes, this rough cell phone is intended for an outdoorsy life. In addition, the client can switch between the 2 modes and holding an afterthought. Buffalo 2021 has a plastic body and rather than or aluminum and large brag. This 2021 to come in tones like desert yellow.

F150,  Bison 2021

F150 has an approach through which they mean to change cell phones. their most recent news and here. As 2020 moves close, we start to think back and assess things. 2020 hasn’t been are some silver linings. One of those is set up our build up another startup.

BRIEF Presentation

We were roused to begin OXO. They were open-air fans, who whined the rough cell now in fulfilling their requirements when they are out in nature.

Alan programming should make their own equipment.” As sports fans, make our own answer to the issues we face when we are out in the fields. So we began F150. We united the absolute business to make this startup.


We spent the most group involvement with this industry. Furthermore, energy planning our energy conceptualizing how to make all the business. Most of the time, we spent creating. Following quite a while, planning, counseling, thought of ours.

First Item

Our a rough cell phone called Buffalo 2021. Because of be dispatched in 2021, Buffalo 2021 is worked to speak to what look worked the great highlights of the sky is the limit from there.

Buffalo MediaTek Helio G25 chipset, a 5.86-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 5 u-score show, an 8000mAh battery, 6GB ram, 64GB interior stockpiling, a remarkably upgraded operating system, upholds NFC, and some more.

The body of this cell phone is rather than elastic or . This considered Buffalo 2021 to come , for example, the desert yellow. This cell phone , one is intended for and the other for a more outdoorsy life. you can switch between these 2 modes by just squeezing and holding an afterthought.

F150 compony VISION

With direct admittance to open-air aficionados, change the by making the result. We expect to make on for the outside which is clever.


Based on our “NEO-Rough” idea, F150’s to buy give you the all is good.

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An Alternate Methodology

Rough Telephone industry is serious and need how open and large, are seen. In our vision a just one or 2 tones. We accept tough cell phones should have the option feel without losing . With our experience the business and same, we accept we are. These and a lot more ideas challenge with F150.

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