Vivo X60, X60 Pro launched Price, specifications And Features

Vivo is an electronic company that has recently launched their new smartphones in China which are vivo X60 and X60 pro. Vivo is also another very popular choice in android in India and their phones perform well in the sales in Indian electronic market. Although India has various android smartphones which are available at cheap prices yet companies like Vivo do well in sales because of their unique additions and intelligent features that are only found in their phones only and nowhere else.

Price of the new Vivo X60 and X60 pro

The vivo X60 will have 3 storage alternatives and X60 pro will have only one storage option and their prices are listed below accordingly:

  • Vivo X60 will cost you about approx. ₹32,000for the 128 GB version.
  • For the 256 GB version it will cost about approx.₹ 42,000
  • For the 256 GB version it will cost about approx. ₹44,900
  • Vivo X60 Pro will cost you approx. ₹50,000 for the 256 GB(only option)

Vivo X60, X60 ProSome common Specifications in both the X series

Both the phones have a 6.56 inch full high definition E3 active-matrix organic light-emitting diode HDR screen display and a 120 hertz refresh rate. The screen showcases wonderful visuals. However X60 has a normal screen and but X60 pro surprises you with a has a curved screen. Another prime feature is the introduction of the Exynos 1080 chipset 5nm processor by Samsung this will make the phone more advanced and both the phones will possess GPU Mail-G78.Also both devices back cameras will be rectangular additionally front cameras of both will be of 32 megapixel in the centre.

Specific features on Vivo X60

This device will run on Android 11 operating system also with Vivo’s OS 1.0 and will bring a twist on the phone.Some of these features are mentioned below:

  • A display of 6.56 inch HD E3 AMO-LED screen
  • Exynos 1080 chip by Samsung
  • A battery of 4,300 mAh and supports fast charging
  • 32 megapixel front camera
  • Flat screen and rectangular shaped quad camera at the back.

Specific features on Vivo X60 pro

This device will also run on same system as X60.The X60 pro some main specifications are mentioned below:

  • It has a HDR curved display
  • Quad camera of 48 megapixel
  • A 8 megapixel lens with zoom option
  • A 13 megapixel with ultra wide lens
  • A micro-gimbal OIS technology of 2nd generation that is said to be better about three times than IOS system.
  • Also a much needed fingerprint scanner which is inbuilt in the screen and face scanner with unlock system.
  • It is a dual-SIM smartphone with the new 5G support, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1

Overall both these devices are filled with amazing features and new modern items to fit into the 5G world.

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