Most specialized serial Killer, Samuel Little, died in the California prison on Wednesday

The most specialized serial Killer, Samuel Little, died in the California prison on Wednesday. The authorities say that he was the most prolific ensuing Killer in U.S history.  He was serving a life sentence for the conglomerate sum of murder. There were about 60 confirmed victims. According to the man authorities and the state department of corrections and rehabilitation, he was 80 and was suffering from diabetes, heart troubles, and other ailments and died at the California hospital.

Samuel LittleThough there was a suspicion of foul play, and it was assumed that it can be his another trick to get out of the jail, but Vicky Waters, the spokeswoman of the California Corrections Department, stated that there is no sign of villainy and his cause of death will be determined by a coroner. In his killing career, little killed nearly 60 people, according to an FBI investigation. While on the death bed, he had himself confessed to killing 93 people between 1970 and 2005. Though the FBI didn’t get the clues about the rest of the murders, they said there’s no reason to doubt the remaining 130 killings. Among all the victims of little, the maximum number constituted of women, while others were the poor people living on the extremity of the communities. He mostly attacked women who were prostitutes or drug addicts. Of course, he has a reason to choose them, they were Individuals and didn’t have a strong back. So, it was easier for him to kill them as no much evidence was left-back for the police to follow the murderer. For decades, he had been in and out of jail but never confessed his crime. He denied he had ever taken a life and claimed that he was innocent, for years. Then in 2018, after approximately 700 hours of interrogation and interviews, he finally opened up and provided details of all his killings, the details were too extreme to be known by a common man, only a killer would know such details. Most of his crimes were committed in Florida and South California. During the investigations, he not only confessed his foul deed but also revealed details such as the year and the location of the killing, he even provided dozens of paintings and drawings of his victims, and even remembered the name of some of his victims. All of these proofs were more than enough to claim that he was indeed a skilled criminal. The last killing he committed was in 2005, in Tupelo, Mississipi, whereas the first time he murdered someone was in 1970 on New year’s eve in Miami. Holland, an excellent interrogator who was given the responsibility to investigate little, described him as a genius as well as a sociopath. When asked why he committed all those murders, “It was like drugs, I enjoyed doing it”, he answered. Little was married and was even involved in two long-term serious relationships. He never killed or hurt anyone he loved. “No one would ever enjoy doing the things I did, And that’s not a blessing but a Curse”, he said.

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