Amber Alert Issued by Washington Police, Young Kid disappeared

An Amber alert was issued on Monday for a teenager who is suspected to have been kidnapped by an armed felon in Yakima, Washington.

The kid who got kidnapped

A 15-year-old girl, Angele Revueleta-Buenrostro went outside to take the garbage out of her home in Northeast Yakima and did not return. Reports have claimed that she was forced by an Arizona man Daniel Ovante, 36-year-old. Her Family was home when she disappeared and has been in a state of panic and distress since. The girl was last reported to be wearing jeans and a blue sweatshirt.

The child was recovered recently in Arizona with Ovante, who found her through her social media. Daniel had threatened to come to her home, take Angeles, and kill her entire family. The kidnapping took place around 11:20 am.

Amber AlertThe police seek help from the public, opens a tip line

Ovante was last spotted driving a black ’01 Ford F150. The label of the car marks BYR6257. He is considered to be armed and dangerous and has a felony warrant already issued against him. The police have opened a tip line for any information regarding the sightings of the car and about the man on loose.

In recent investigations, a second suspect has been coming up, even though the police have not yet disclosed further details about it.

Amber alert and its history

Amber Alert is America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency alert that is issued via radio and television publicly when someone goes missing. It was first used when a young child Amber was murdered after being abducted in 1996. Since then, the US police department uses Amber alert in cases of abduction to raise awareness and collect information about the felon.

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