LG Display has announced the first Eyesafe-certified TV display for CES 2021

Electronic devices have strong display to showcase high definition qualities but this often is critiqued due to the damage it causes to the eyes. Especially during the pandemic lockdown worldwide, millions shifted their attention to screens for a medium of distraction but feared about the consequences on their eyesight. Although it is very difficult to merge best features with protection of eyesights. Therefore many adjustments has to be made in order to deliver both top standard electronic display and guarantee of safety to your sensitive eyes. Hence all advanced technology companies globally therefore always try to bring products which are safe and better in performance and now LG has created history brought a world’s first Eyesafe Television display at CES event soon in 2021.

What makes the TV safe for your eyes

LG has collaborated with a company called as Eyesafe which specifically creates better displays for consumers to protect their eyesight in the best way possible. Both the companies have successfully launched a certified safe screen on the new 65 inch LG OLED Tv. The display is said to be emit low blue emissions along with excellent quality performance. The TV promises to reduce the high energy blue emissions although it also means the productivity of colour will decline as well. This TV will be showcased at CES 2021 globally.

Certified best quality display Television is now a reality

LG has changed the definition of display screen to safe screens which will be not only high in demand but has set the bar high in terms of bringing health as a priority with their electronic products. The outstanding new LG OLED TV has been approved and certified by Germany’s TUV rheinland as safe to eyes. Eyesafe also revealed that team of 250 did a proper study with major specialized doctors, ophthalmologists and also was improved together by several engineers conducted analysis and determined the results of blue (gentle) on the eyesights and came up with best quality display with optimal color efficiency.

This will redefine screen displays

This Television is a groundbreaking innovative product which seemed extremely necessary during the times of high screen usage amongst consumers. The debate of whether it’s safe for your eyes has now been answered by the company LG that also partnered with Eyesafe by this revolutionary OLED TV. Not only it is backed by many professional ophthalmologists but also has been successfully certified.

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