Mean Girls will not return to Broadway due to Covid,The musical based on the hit movie from 2004

Mean Girls, The producers of the Musical “Mean Girls” have decided to stop the production of the Show when the authorities allow reopening theatres in New York City. This is the second and will not likely be the last established show that has taken this hit and has become a casualty of Covid-19.

Alternative means to keep the Mean Girls alive

The musical which is based on Tina Fey’s hit film in 2004, is reportedly going to stop its shows and empty its spot in the theatre. The show has played over 800 performances and earned a gross amount of 124 million dollars. Despite this, the production plans to launch its North America tour as soon as the performances can resume. The film adaptation of the musical is also in the works.

Mean Girls

The producer of the show, who is also the producer of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels has said in a statement that he looks forward to doing the tour and bring the musical to the big screen.

The cast of the show included Erika Henningsen, Taylor Louderman, Barrett Wilbert Weed, Kate Rockwell, and Ashely Park. They play the roles as well as the original actors in the movie which starred Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried among others.

Other Broadway Casualties of Covid-19 that will not open

In May, another big-budget Disney musical “Frozen”, decided not to reopen when the Broadway restarts leaving all the fans heartbroken.

In the US, Broadway theatres abruptly closed on March 12, canceling all shows but among them, 16 are still scheduled to reopen. It is stated that Broadway could open in late May but not before that. The fans and viewers are sad and heartbroken. The people are looking forward to the times when all things will be normal and Broadway could resume work like always.

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The Economic Crisis of Broadway Workers

Broadway employs about 97,000 workers and has an economic impact of 14.8 billion dollars annually. The president of the Broadway League has reassured the workers that they are trying their level best to reopen the theatres as soon as the conditions permit. Efforts are being made to sustain the industry continuously till they can raise the curtains again.

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