Elizabeth helped Alex in recovery,Washington Quarterback Alex Smith’s wife Elizabeth Barry

Alex Smith is a football player for Washington and plays at the quarterback position on the field.His career has seen many twists and turns especially with his severe injuries that also affected his gameplay in his career.Alex suffered numerous injuries like in 2007 Smith seriously wounded his shoulder and he has his fair share of comeback due to getting bruised multiple times.They also left scars on his mental health when people questioned his capabilities and career.Although injuries are just a part of a sportsman’s life some wounds are extremely difficult to heal but Alex seems lucky in this area as he got tremendous support from his wife Elizabeth Barry.She supported him immensely and made sure he improved in his health as soon as possible to make a comeback on the football ground.

Elizabeth and Alex

Elizabeth’s career and more details

Elizabeth Barry is a 36 year old that was raised in California and absolutely loves sports as well just like her husband.She was a cheerleader and was in the official cheer squad of Oakland Raiders.Alex and Elizabeth met on the football field in 2007 and connected with each other.They continued dating each other and after 2 years they got married in February.Elizabeth is happily married and  gave birth to three children that includes 2 sons and daughter.She actively supports Alex on social media platforms and even encourages her husband throughout.She also treats Alex’s fans by several photos and comeback news which definitely increased Alex’s confidence for his return.

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Elizabeth helped Alex in recovery

Alex is known for getting grave injuries which are difficult to recover and time consuming.Although this time when Alex damaged his leg and sepsis which led him to take a break from his career from 2018 to 2020.He made his comeback in October 2020 when he recovered and his thanked her wife for her tremendous efforts,love and support during his breakdown.Many people thought that his injury will probably end his career but he fortunately fought back and made a miraculous comeback on the field.

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