Harry and Meghan to stop using Social Media, reports claim that they will no longer be returning

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle, have abandoned their social media accounts and reports claim that they will no longer be returning.

The royal couple had about 10 million Instagram followers when they had been working royals. They have decided to reject social media and will no longer use platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Their decision is a part of their new “progressive role” in America.

Harry and Meghan

The reason behind their decision

A source has confirmed their decisions and has stated that the young couple does not wish to use social media for their new Archewell Foundation and were unlikely to return to platforms in a more personal capacity.

The couple has encountered a lot of hate on these platforms and has been a part of a lot of controversies. They even stated that online trolling has caused barely survivable conditions.

The situation in which the news came out

News of this decision came out when Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter due to the risk of inciting violence. Michelle Obama tweeted on Thursday saying that the Silicon Valley companies should take steps to stop the president’s terrible behavior. The decision of the Sussexes, who had announced a year ago that they were stepping out of their royal life, seems to be a final signal of their departure from anything royal.

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Plans for the couple to stay relevant

Harry and Meghan are ready to continue promoting their work through online videos and television appearances, but through selected publications and via their website. They have also decided to form a partnership with the Centre for Humane Technology to create and research more compassionate online communities.

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