Kirstie Alley tweet on Trump’s account suspension to Slavery, the actress is calling out Twitter for banning his account

Actress Kirstie Alley has been an all-out supporter of Donald Trump. After campaigning for Donald Trump in the elections for three months, the actress is calling out Twitter for banning his account.

The reason behind the Actress’ allegations

Twitter permanently suspended the account of Donald Trump after issuing an official statement on Friday evening. The statement said that after a review of the tweets that were made from the account, and based on how they had been interpreted in and off Twitter, the company has decided to permanently suspend the account due to the risk of further violence.

Kirstie Alley

This move did not bode well to the former “Cheers” actress, who is now 69. She publicly called the move censorship and even drew comparisons to slavery. She took to Twitter to say that this move should concern all people. She said that this move shows how people cannot freely communicate and put forward their views.

The Reason behind Trump’s Ban

The ban came after the riot at US Capitol, where five people were killed. Pro-Trump supporters unhappy with the election results decided to storm Congress and create havoc. For the actress, the riot was not enough, she compared it to the BLM protests that took place earlier and said that people who wreaked havoc, burned federal buildings were not put to jail or even suspended. The platforms did not ban them but were keen to ban Trump.

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Public reaction to her comments

She later clarified that she did not support the DC rioters and stated that breaching the Capitol was a crime and cannot be justified, however, she is still adamant that the suspension of Trump’s account is a manipulative move and everyone should be concerned about it.

Twitter was taken by the storm by the actress’ comment and people called her out for supporting Trump and all his actions. But despite all the hate that was spewed at her, she stayed loyal to Trump till the very end.

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