Broadway Musical for Mean girls Will Remain Closed, No more shows until may

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted and postponed numerous big stage events. Since coronavirus can be transmitted very quickly and now recently a more transmissible strand of covid-19 had been discovered. The entertainment industries suffered majorly like cinemas and theatres which made rehearsals and communications difficult for these sectors. This raised several questions on how those postponed events will take place. Since theatres were closed amidst the pandemic many musical shows and plays like Broadway Musical of Mean girls were also shifted. Although in New York City the theatres have been opened now yet producers of the show seem reluctant to begin their show again.

Mean girls

The musical adaptation of mean girls

The movie Mean girls has been a classic chick flick movie and was immensely watched movies of all time.The 2004 film performed superbly and earned about $130 million dollars at the box office.The film was written by Fey and had a musical adaptation.Their musical show was extremely famous was gaining massive attention for their performances and completed a total of 800 play that earned them about $124 million dollars which is quite impressive.

No more shows until may

The shows were premiered at National Theatre but unfortunately had performed their last show in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.Now the production house has refused to restart the shows again even after the opening of the theatres for their safety.Although the team had revealed to relaunch their tours again but are not expected to open sooner than May of 2021 possibly.

How theatres suffered due to the pandemic

Theatres worldwide were closed suddenly as lockdowns were being imposed on various countries.When coronavirus was declared a global disaster,theatres had no choice but abandon all their plays,shows and dishearteningly closed the theatres.Due to it several theatres suffered huge loss and were unable to manage how and when they will relaunch their shows

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which were abruptly cancelled.Some of major shows like Disney’s movie frozen’ musical,Michael Jackson musical and several others had to cancel their event during the pandemic and have not officially announced when they will be coming back.

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