Marsha Zazula passes away due to cancer was Metallica’s first record label founder

The co-founder of Metallica’s first record label, Megaforce Records, Marsha Zazula died of cancer at the age of 68 this weekend.

The company’s Statement on the loss

The label said in an official statement on Twitter that the world will be forever indebted to Marsha, who with her husband Jon gave birth to this generation’s most significant artists. Marsha was one of a kind. Being fiercely independent, she made Megaforce records reach newer heights. The company has said they will never forget Marsha and that she’ll always be a guiding light to the company and the artists.

Marsha Zazula

Megaforce’s contribution to the rise of thrash metal

Megaforce records was a driving force in the rise of thrash metal in the 1980s, releasing many of the debut records of the genre’s biggest artists. In 1983, they released Metallica’s “Kill ‘Em All”, and started the band’s journey to becoming the biggest metal band in the world. They have released Anthrax’s “Among the Living”, Ace Frehley’s first post-KISS album, and Testament’s “The New Order”.

Zazula had started Megaforce as a record store. The shop quickly became popular among the metalheads because of their imported records of UK metal bands. They soon expanded to the promotion of local metal shows, which earned them a stand in the music world. New stars started sending them tapes and then in no time, they were a record company.

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Marsha’s contribution to the company

Jon Zazula became the face of the company while Marsha worked from behind the curtains. Jon publicly praised Marsha in his interviews for her business sense and abilities. He also was in awe of her ability to deal with the wild side of him and all the bands that came to sign their label.

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