Makeup influencer apologizes online to Kanye West after blaming him for illicit meetings

After the claim of an illicit meeting, the TikTok star Cole Carrigan apologized to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Cole Carrigan’s allegations that led to the lawsuit

The makeup influencer with nearly 350,000 followers was hit with and cease and desist letter from Kanye’s ex-bodyguard Steve Stanulis. The influencer had taken to the internet to publish a series of videos claiming that Steve had set him up for an illegal meeting with Kanye at a hotel. He even shared screenshots of their conversation. He did not mention any name of the ex-bodyguard, but there were enough innuendos to prove that it was Steve Stanulis.

Kanye West

Cole’s video of apology and his justifications

Steve had completely denied all claims and started a lawsuit for defamation along with Kanye West. The legal team wanted Cole to apologize not only to Steve but also to both Kanye and Kim. On Sunday he posted a video apologizing to everyone, to Kim, Kanye, and Steve. Though he did not admit that the claims were false, he only said that the story was brought forward because Kanye had voted for Trump.

He even stated that he needed to apologize to get out of the lawsuit and hence the video. He hopes that the video and the brawl will not affect him in getting the contour sticks that are produced by Kim’s beauty line.

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Cole’s relationship with Kanye and Steve

Steve had confirmed with the Press that Cole had never met Kanye before even though he worked for him till 2016. Kanye does not even know Carrigan. The online apology was a way to stay out of jail for Carrigan. There had been some rumors among the fans that Kanye and Kim are headed for a divorce.

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