Amazon Prime show The pack, criticized by PETA of dogs being harmed in the show

Amazon has multiple services and one of which is Amazon Prime which is a streaming service also known as OTT platform. The platform gives movies, Tv shows and also Amazon’s sponsored or produced movies and TV shows as well. Although recently PETA has slammed Amazon over its show called The Pack. The Pack is an adventurous show where dogs and owners of the pets travel in various continents. However in the show PETA has revealed some disturbing moments of pet dogs doing or facing dangerous situations. Some of them include being hanged by a harness on a cliff mid-air and the dogs seem scared and confused about the situation which also concerns PETA.

Dangerous moments captured leaked by PETA

PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a non-profit American organisation that deals with animal rights. PETA has strong stances and have firmly condemned any heinous acts against animals. One such TV show has really irk PETA causing them to highly criticise the show. PETA released a series of photos and videos where you can see pet dogs placed in the legs of their owners while being crushed by cliff repeatedly and also frantically trying to use their paws to have done support. The scene was shot in Costa Rica

Los Campesinos Falls although these scenes never made it into the show and were edited out. The scenes were leaked and you can see the editing area where someone recorded the footage of this incident on their phone.

The packWhat the show was about

The pack show displays the journey about the owners of dogs including their pets to travel together and have an adventurous trip.A team of 12 dogs and their owners embarked on the trip. There are numerous challenges that the owner and the pets have to go through and if they complete them they get to win $750,000.The show was hosted by Lindsey Vonn along with her dog(Lucy) and it had a total of 10 episodes and was released on 20th November of 2020.

The Pack show is now officially cancelled

As soon as the news broke out that PETA had slash the show on their content, Amazon was quick to respond to it and hence immediately cancelled this show. Amazon also revealed that there will be no more seasons of the show and it has officially been cancelled.

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