Trickster Season 2, Maggie’s deed puts an end to the disruptive plan to capture Jared

Trickster Season 2, The supernatural drama ‘Trickster’ was warmly welcomed by the audience in October 2020. The show is compelling which shows magic at its grittiest. This series which is created by Michelle Latimer and Tony Elliot depicts indigenous teenagers lost in a world of magic realism. He remains confused about the unnatural incidents, a talking raven, a hairless monster, and an intriguing doppelganger.

The teenager, Jared tries to understand the world with its own revelations. Season 1 was widely appreciated because of the many roots in Indigenous culture and mythical histories. The second season is supposed to return soon.

Trickster Season 2

Trickster Season 2 Release Date

The season 2 premiere episode aired on January 12, 2021, at 9 pm on the CW. The network has already acquired rights for the US broadcast from CBC, which released the first season. It is said that the show follows a weekly pattern of airing one-hour long episodes every Tuesday. Trickster is available on Amazon Prime but only in the US. We hope it is made available worldwide soon.

Trickster Season 2 Cast

The cast of Trickster includes promising Indigenous actors who very brightly carry the plot through. Joel Oulette portrays the teenager Jared. Anna Lambe plays Sarah’s role, Jared’s love interest, and Nathan Alexis plays the best friend of the protagonist.

They are supported by Crystle Lightning, who stars as Jared’s mother Maggie. Kalani Queypo plays the trickster who haunts Jared. We are hopeful to see the same cast in season 2 as well. The cast had done an amazing job in the inaugural season and the same is expected from them this season.

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Trickster Season 2 Plot

As the trickster’s presence grips and engages the audience with fear, Maggie’s deed puts an end to the disruptive plan to capture Jared, as he is killed in a fire. Jared, with his ashes, set out on his journey to Vancouver. Jared and Sarah also separate as Sarah moves to her new Foster Home. Georgina and her gang have no way of returning home because the north door has been destroyed in the fire that killed the trickster.

This season might go deeper into Jared’s own identity and his transformation after his encounter with the Trickster. Jared and Sarah might also see one another again. The season might also introduce newer characters as written in the book.

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