Slovenia’s Opposition submits No-confidence motion Against Trump Ally Prime minister Janez Jansa

Seems like People are getting more and more aware of their surrounding. After Donald Trump being impeached twice now, it’s time for Slovenia’s prime minister Janez Jansa. This country is going through a very difficult time as the second wave of the corona is in full fledge and now their elected candidate is not worth their vote.

Slovenia’s Opposition party has filed No-confidence Motion against their elected Prime Minister. However, this prime minister has a list of allegations to his name including corruption and using his powers for media and the list is long. Now impeachment of the American president has added fuel to the fire. But that’s not all people. Have we told you, he was a vocal supporter of Trump and his policies? So this behavior of him is kind of given.

Janez Jansa
Janez Jansa

Slovenia wants to end its prime minister Nationalist agenda. Slovenia faced the longest lockdown during this pandemic in entire Europe. An interview with an opposition leader quoted that people are losing their trust in their leader. While quoting this we may tell you he has lost the trust in his to the extent whatever he does backfire on him.

In present-day his party has Around 30% supporters which are the lowest in recent years. Janez Jansa and Trump are examples of power given to the wrong person. If your people trust you, you have to be aware of their requirements in order to maintain that.

However, it is noted that he has also done some praiseworthy work. For instance handling coronavirus at its early stage. But more people are dying due to coronavirus, nowadays and he failed to come up with policies.

Now, it is to see will Jansa get his supporters back,  in next week’s voting. This will be a secret ballot. It is noted that opposition requires 46 votes out of 90 to halt Janez Jansa’s Prime minister duties.

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