The last of us TV show has found its first director in famed Kantemir Balagov.

The last of us TV show has found its first director in Kantemir Balagov. The famed Russians filmmaker has been chosen by HBO to direct episodes for videogame inspired TV show. The Russian filmmaker is best known for two films entitled closeness and beanpole respectfully. The nature of both films story show exactly why he is an excellent choice to direct for the show. Though, to be fair he does not seem to have any experience in this genre of film making. Which is why he is working with the executive producer of the show and the original videogame.

Last of us TV show

The last of us TV show which Kantemir Balagov will be directing is based off the original game. The original game was set two decades after the collapse of modern civilization. The collapse was caused by a zombie fungus which turned all infected humans into mindless beasts. The story will follow the main characters of Joe and Ellie as they make their way across North America. The story will focus on the darkness the world has come to. Specifically, how the two on their journey for a cure for the fungus come to rely on each other.

Kantemir Balagov

Kantemir Balagov is it interesting but appropriate choice for this project. Especially given the two films he is best known for creating. the first of these is closeness which tells of a family dealing with the kidnapping of one of their children. The second beanpole tells of a dark and twisted relationship to women after the siege of Leningrad. While neither story involves zombies, both are intensely emotional and deal with darker aspects of humanity. Specifically, when humanity has lost all reason and sanity for the most part. It is unclear if Kantemir Balagov will direct more than the pilot episode for the last bus TV show. However, what is arguably the most important episode for season he seems to be an ideal choice.

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