Never before seen footage of Jared Leto’s joker from suicide squad temporarily provided by the director.

Never before seen footage of Jared Leto’s joker from suicide squad temporarily provided by the director. the footage was released as part of the director’s attempt to show what his movie could have been. This clip and others like it have fueled a growing movement of rabid fans demanding the director’s cut. The original film that aired in 2015 was drastically different than originally teased in trailers. In that respect, it is very similar to the Justice League film which suffered similar interference. However, thanks to clips such as showing Jared Leto’s joker the true cut of the film may come to be.

Jared Leto’s joker

Leto’s joker

Jared Leto’s joker trail in the original suicide squad has often been considered questionable by many. Though to be fair, he did manage to trade the jokers arranged psychotic nature. Right down to the incredibly detailed way he created Harlequin. That being said, it seemed that he wasn’t able to fully bring out the dark nature everyone was expecting. Though to be fair, the original film was supposed to be more in keeping with the comic is based on. Which obviously was not the product that was finally released to the public. Additionally, due to the shortened link of the original film there wasn’t enough time to fully develop the character. The recently released clip from the director’s account on instant ramp shows what could have been. Perhaps, if the movement gets its way Leto’s joker will actually improve by becoming more deranged.

Jared Leto suicide squad directors cut

The original suicide squad released in 2015 was not the version the director had intended to release. Instead, Warner Bros. and DC films ordered a major series of cuts and re-shoots to create what was released. This unfortunately was not the first time they interfered so drastically with a director’s vision. The same thing happened with the Justice League film much of fans and the director’s displeasure. However, just as with the Justice league’s directors cut project being green light after fans demand the same may happen again. Specifically, there is a growing movement demanding the director’s cut of the original suicide squad. The most recent clip released portraying what could have been Jared Leto’s joker’s performance has added fuel to that fire. The producers will probably wait to see the success or failure of the director’s cut of the Justice League. However, if it should succeed then they will probably yield to the demands of the movement for the suicide squad directors cut.

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